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North Saanich firefighters get in some R&R (rescuing and reuniting)

Emergency responders help roadside fawns find their moms
A North Saanich firefighter gathers up a fawn, one of two found at the roadside, before reuniting it with its mother. (Twitter/North Saanich Fire)

North Saanich firefighters are accustomed to being on the watch for people in peril, but on Friday afternoon there were a couple of smaller, furrier residents who needed their assistance.

The department posted some oh, so cute photos on its Twitter page May 13 that showed how far firefighters will go to protect the community. It seems two baby deer had been separated from their mothers and were at the roadside.

That’s when two of North Saanich’s finest stepped in to help, rescuing the fawns and reuniting them with the adult does.

No word on whether the families were frolicking through the meadows of the municipality later on, but it was all in a day’s work for the crew.

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