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Saanich equestrian society advocates for co-existence between all Elk-Beaver Lake Park users

Society advocates for community stewardship, education
Ted Simmons is a volunteer park steward for the CRD and Elk-Beaver Lake Equestrian Society and is described by his colleagues as the ultimate horse whisperer. (Megan Atkins-Baker/News Staff)

Whether you’ve been honing your equestrian skills for years or you’ve recently taken up riding, the Elk-Beaver Lake Equestrian Society is the perfect place to share your passion. And while sharing that passion, the society is looking to help all park users co-exist peacefully.

Dianne McGuire, president, said bringing the community together through stewardship and protection of the beloved activity is of utmost importance.

A ring exists at the park for use by anyone who owns or leases a horse, and memberships are available for those who wish to participate, for a yearly fee of $25.

Elk-Beaver Lake Equestrian Society advocates for co-existence with all users of the park and the association is encouraging education around etiquette by fellow park users, dog walkers, and highway drivers.

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“Another big part of what we encourage is practicing respect for horses when it comes to peoples’ dogs,” said Ted Simmons, volunteer park steward for the CRD. “I try to encourage people to pat my horse, let their dog smell the horse on their hand, then the dog will gain an understanding that there’s nothing to fear.”

The non-profit organization came to be in 1986, formed by 50 riders from different horse clubs.

Elk-Beaver Lake Equestrian Society is run by volunteers who encourage those who love horses to become members to maintain the upkeep of the facility and to promote education around equestrianship.

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