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Spectrum's band has winning year

When classes resumed at Spectrum community school following the Victoria Day long weekend, the celebration wasn’t finished.

Spectrum’s marching band, founded in 2006 and more than 100-strong, marched through the halls playing their classic compositions at full volume. It’s a tradition following the parade competition – and one that the students uphold regardless of how well they do.

This year, their march was one of victory, which helped make their rigorous practice schedule worthwhile.

“It was easy to keep positive,” said Amber Maguire, Grade 11 student who played baritone sax on Victoria Day, despite a hand injury. “I found the crowd was really supportive.”

“When you see the judges smiling, you know it’s a good thing,” added Grade 10 Matt Montgomery, who played French horn in the parade.

The May 23 win marks the second time Spectrum has ousted their rivals at Reynolds secondary school from the top spot during the annual holiday event.

“I have friendly competition with my friends at Reynolds,” said Grade 10 student Katie Herchak, a clarinet player. “We were there cheering them on.”

Maguire points out that her own mother was at one time a part of the Reynolds marching band.

Leader of the drum section, Martin Lee, also sporting a hand bandage for a broken finger, says the best part of the parade for him is always when he unstraps his heavy drum.

Involvement in the marching band is mandatory for all Spectrum band students, including those from junior and senior concert and jazz bands, as well as the strings, pit orchestra and the new R&B band.

Without hesitation, the students attribute the success of the program to their band director, Jamie Davis.

“He brought something new and exciting to the school,” Maguire said.


Band takes Beacon Hill

• Check out Spectrum Band’s year-end, students’ choice show, featuring Elton John hits and compositions by John Williams and the William Tell Overture.

• The show is free and open to all, 7 p.m., Thursday, June 9 at the Cameron Bandshell in Beacon Hill Park.