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Windstorm, falls from trees leave 10 baby squirrels in care at West Shore rehab

Fundraiser launched for 3 infant squirrels with broken legs at Wild ARC
A trio of baby squirrels is healing at the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Metchosin. (BC SPCA photo)

The wildlife rehabilitation centre in Metchosin has a new squirrel fund aimed at healing a handful of babies brought in after falls.

Three infant eastern grey squirrels are in the care of the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) after a series of traumatic events, according to a fundraising page.

Two were brought in after a windstorm destroyed their nest, while the third fell from a nest after its home tree was cut down. All three suffered a broken leg. Wild ARC says the siblings weren’t seriously injured, but a reunion with their mothers wasn’t possible.

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X-rays show the breaks will likely heal normally, with the babies keeping a full range of motion as they grow and develop. In order to increase the chances, they are under intensive daily care including exams, splint changes, pain medications and a specialized diet to ensure they grow and gain weight appropriately. Their siblings are also being monitored. In total, 10 baby squirrels were admitted from the two nests.

All the animals are doing well but are expected to be in care for several months until they’re old enough to be on their own.

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While weather is unpredictable, the BC SPCA says more than than 80 per cent of animals at the centre wound up in trouble due to human activity. Wild ARC reminds residents to check for nests and wild babies before doing yard and construction work.

To donate to the fundraising campaign for the three squirrels with broken legs visit

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