Skip byelection and save money by appointing candidate

There does not necessarily have to be a byelection in Saanich.

So far only one candidate( Nathalie Chambers) has made her intention to run for the vacancy created by the death of Vic Derman.

From what I can surmise from media releases she would be an excellent addition to Saanich council. She knew Mr. Derman well, has the same concerns about issues in our community, and is obviously highly motivated.

She has a solid and extensive background of experience in areas that would transition smoothly upon the legacy of Vic Derman. Should she be the only candidate to run for this vacancy there would be no need for a byelection this fall. This would save Saanich taxpayers a significant amount of money (an estimated $300,000). That is money that could be used in so many more worthwhile ways than in a byelection.

So, if you are considering running for a position on Saanich council in this byelection perhaps you would find it in your heart to do some serious soul-searching and consider postponing your run for council until the regular election in October 2018.

The citizens of Saanich would be most grateful to you for putting the best interests of the community front and centre. The regular election will be here in the blink of an eye. You’ll get your political-kick-at-the-can then.

Let’s consider not having a byelection and putting the huge amount of money it would save Saanich residents towards more pressing and urgent community projects.

Sylvia Walsh