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4 questions to ask before installing a new fireplace

Victoria expert says homeowners must consider purpose, location, design and fuel source

If you’re surviving the last of the summer heat by fantasizing about the cooler weather, you’re not alone. However you prefer to spend your winter days, we can all agree the perfect winter evening involves a large comfy chair, a hot beverage, snow drifting peacefully outside…and ideally a cozy fire.

Fireplaces are a great addition to any home, but how do you choose one that works for your home?

“When choosing the right fireplace there are four main factors to take into consideration,” says Chad Befus, owner of Pacific Fireplaces. “The fireplace’s purpose, location, design, and fuel source.”

  1. Purpose: Consider how you’ll be using your fireplace, Befus says. Will it be a primary source of heat or a supplemental heat source? Or is it going to be primarily for ambiance?
  2. Location: Electric fireplaces offer more flexibility when it comes to location, and the unique option of ambiance with or without heat. New installations of gas and wood fireplaces will require permits and a certified contractor installer. If you’re replacing an existing unit, that will narrow down the size and type of fireplace you can install.
  3. Design: Do you want a traditional or modern fireplace? Traditional fireplaces are more square in shape, with logs of one kind or another in the unit, Befus says. A modern fireplace is often longer and linear in shape, featuring crystals, glass, stones or driftwood instead. Your fireplace will likely be a focal point in any room you install it, so make sure the fireplace design suits the vision for the room it is going into. you’re happy with the design choices you’re making.
  4. Fuel source: Are you seeking the full fireplace experience with that comforting crackle and pop of real wood? Or do you prefer the simplicity and convenience of an alternative fuel source like gas or electric? “Depending on whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing home, you might be limited in what fuel options are available,” Befus says. If you want to add a fireplace where a full renovation isn’t possible (like in a condo) then electric is typically the simplest and least expensive your best bet.

Watch for the next three articles from Pacific Fireplaces, where we will take a closer look at the individual benefits of wood, gas, and electric fireplaces!

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