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Healthy Eating Made Easy: 5 steps to getting the nutrition you need

Island Food Showcase July 6 showcases nutritious, delicious and oh-so easy solutions

Healthy eating is never easier than during a sunny summer on the South Island. From farm-fresh local greens to heart-smart seafood straight from local waters, we’re simply spoiled for choice.

Better yet, many of these nutritional powerhouses are available year-round, and right in your neighbourhood from your community grocer.

“We’re fortunate here in Victoria to have access to so many great food growers and producers right on our doorstep,” says Don Way, store manager at Pepper’s Foods in Cadboro Bay village. “And in many cases, some of the healthiest choices are from right here at home, so what’s good for you is also good for the Island.”

1. Go farm-fresh: Start your day with fresh, local berries and vegetables packed with nutrition. Thanks to locals like Gobind Farms, Guites Farm and Glanford Greenhouses, grown in Saanich means picked at the height of flavour and nutrition – minutes from shelves at Pepper’s!

2. Yes to Island yogurt: Mix up some Tree Island Yogurt or McClintock’s Farm water buffalo yogurt with some handmade, local Singing Bowl Granola and delicious local berries and you have a quick, tasty snack to satisfy any craving.

3. Lean meats and greens: Looking ahead to dinner, Island-raised Farmhouse Poultry Chicken is ethically raised and packed with flavour – but no antibiotics or hormones. Add a salad made from locally raised Tim’s Microgreens and you have a quick, easy meal.

4. On the go and gluten-free: Have dietary restrictions? Island Fare’s ready-made meals are locally made with the freshest ingredients, including many gluten-free options.

5. Healthy made easy: Summer is busy, as we try to make the most of the sun, surf and sand. Take advantage of the same-day delivery service at Pepper’s. Simply give us a call from work or the beach and have your fresh meal options delivered right to your door. Healthy doesn’t get any easier than that!

Meet many of these and other local producers at Pepper’s eighth annual Island Food Showcase, Thursday, July 6 at the store. Visit from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for tastings, product information and more.


Committed to local and ethically sourced products, Pepper’s Foods is open daily in Cadboro Bay Village. Find same-day home delivery, daily savings for students and special seniors’ days Tuesday and Wednesday.