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Picture this: Your home renovation in 3D!

Innovation brings another tool to the renovation toolkit
MAC Renovation has begun using the Matterport 3D camera technology, to create a 3D virtual tour that can help guide a renovation, and reduce the number of site visits required by members of the design and construction team.

The last year has brought numerous innovations to how we live, work and do business. While not all those changes will stay, some have definitely offered creative solutions we may not have even realized we needed!

For MAC Renovation, adapting today’s 3D camera technology to their renovation projects was just such an innovation – one that benefited both their team and their clients.

Creating a 3D virtual home

If you’ve house-hunted in the last few years, you may have taken a 3D virtual tour of a prospective property. By following the arrows around the screen, you can view each room, move through the home and see how the spaces are connected, and get a sense of the lighting, ceiling heights, wall configurations and more.

The concept is the same for a renovation: As the camera scans each room of the home, it creates a digital twin – a 3D virtual representation of the home.

“Using the Matterport 3D camera technology, we’re able to create a 3D virtual tour of the space. During a renovation, all members of the MAC team had the opportunity to get into the space without having to step foot into the space every time,” explains Marcel Comeau, of Resonance Reflections Photography, who provides photography services for general contractors, home renovations, vacation homes, real estate and personal projects.

For the MAC team – from project managers, to interior designers, to trades – the program means they can reference the virtual version of the home as needed, rather than always making a site visit – something that was especially appreciated by the team and homeowners during COVID, as we tried to minimize contact.

Beyond replicating the home for visual reference, the camera can also create a 2D schematic floor plan including room dimensions. Comeau can then measure additional features like door and window sizes, closets spaces, drop ceiling/bulkheads, floor joists/beams, and add them to the plans for a more complete 2D floor plan.

From a design perspective, that kind of detailed information can be a real time-saver when it comes to assessing for window and floor coverings or furniture, for example.

“I think this camera, and all it can do, checks a lot of boxes,” Comeau says.

Tapping into the technology toolkit

For MAC, incorporating these kinds of technical innovations has become part of the comprehensive service they provide clients – many who undertake renovations while far from home, notes Blaise McDonald.

“With clients across Canada, in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong and elsewhere, technology like video conferencing and our online project management system make it easy to stay connected,” McDonald says. “The 3D camera technology gives our teams and clients added connectivity and one more tool in the toolkit to ensure the renovation comes together as everyone envisions.”

To learn more about discovering the possibilities for your new home, visit MAC Renovations at or call today at 250-384-6091.