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Saanich fitness experts share their tips tricks to help you keep your 2023 resolutions

Mini-goals, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and more to help you stay motivated, hydrated active
Saanich Commonwealth Place, Fitness Programmer, Kristy Webster in the recreation centre’s weight room.

If you’re hoping to make your New Year’s resolutions stick in 2023, Saanich Recreation and their team of fitness experts can help!

With access to four weight rooms, two pools, two ice surfaces, and over 60 drop-in fitness classes every week, Saanich’s low, single admission fees and great pass options offer the best recreation value in greater Victoria.

As trained industry professionals, Kristy Webster, Janeece Miller and Wanda Hanna know that fitness and wellness resolutions can be easier to make than they are to keep, and they’re here to support you with some tips and to help you keep your New Year commitments into 2023 and beyond!

Saanich Commonwealth Place Fitness Programmer, Kristy Webster:

Understanding what motivates you can give you the edge in achieving your goals.

  • Identify why a goal is important to you, what accomplishing it means to you, and envision how you’ll feel when you succeed.
  • Improve your focus by identifying and removing distractions, temptations and procrastination triggers.
  • Break your big goal into mini-goals along the way to make progression less overwhelming and remember to celebrate your small successes!
  • Chart your progress on a calendar for a visual reminder of how far you’ve come.
  • Look to others who inspire you to re-ignite your drive and continue moving forward.
  • Lastly, always look for the positive and keep an optimistic mindset!

Saanich Fitness Instructor, Janeece Miller:

Fitness pro Janeece Miller.
Fitness pro Janeece Miller.

Stay hydrated! Water and hydration are crucial for athletic success and human movement. As we move and exercise, water is squeezed in and out of the tissue. Without moving in a variety of ways throughout the day, the water we drink has less of a chance to hydrate us efficiently — the less we move, the ‘stiffer’ we feel.

  • Drink water! 1L per workout.
  • Move your body.
  • Recover with sleep, clean eating and of course - more water!

Saanich Fitness Instructor, Wanda Hanna:

Did you know that roughly 80 percent of resolutions are abandoned by February? If you want to make a transformation in your life, try setting achievable goals through establishing daily habits instead of end results. Then decide how much time and energy you will dedicate to regular exercise, healthy meals and organizing your daily routines to achieve your goal. You’re S.M.A.R.T. and with a simple plan you’ll find yourself on your way to realizing the goals you envision for yourself!

  • Specific: I want to lose weight to feel and look healthier.
  • Measurable: I want to lose 10 pounds by Apr. 1st because I’m going on vacation. I’ll track my progress with a fitness tracking app. I’ll keep a daily journal of my workouts, healthy eating plan and participate in weekly weigh-ins.
  • Achievable: I’m going to work out in the morning. It’s quiet and my family is still sleeping.
  • Realistic: By adopting a new diet and fitness schedule I can safely and realistically lose one to two pounds a week. I’ve given myself plenty of time to achieve my weight loss goals. Slow and steady is the way to go. That’s what will help me keep the weight off for good.
  • Time: I’m starting Jan.1st and by Apr.1st I’ll see improvement. I’ve given myself three months to establish habits and adopt it as a new lifestyle.

Everyone and Every-Body belongs at Saanich Recreation Centres! Visit a centre in-person or find more information online, choose the Access Pass option that’s right for you, and start enjoying Victoria’s best recreation value today!