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Saanichton business creates a reputation for service and expertise

Family fireplace company offers options to keep your home cosy
The team at Pacific Fireplaces has the expertise to provide all aspects of sales, installation and service for heat pumps and gas, wood and electric fireplaces.

Saanichton’s Pacific Fireplaces is a second-generation family business that over the years has built a great reputation for their expertise and service.

First established in 1999 by Don Befus – who’d been in the fireplace business since 1975 – the business began to expand soon after his son Chad joined the team.

“I’ve been involved in the family business since 2008, doing service and repairs, and my wife Vivien and I took over the business when my parents Don and Bonnie retired in 2021,” says co-owner Chad Befus. “I’ve lived here since I was six years old, so I know the community well. We’re also pretty well-known as a business – especially on the Saanich Peninsula.”

As a trusted, locally owned family business, Pacific Fireplaces has evolved over the years to provide much more than just fireplaces.

“When we first started we exclusively sold and installed electric fireplaces,” Befus says. “In fact, we’re the only local business that’s been selling and installing Dimplex Electric Fireplaces for over 20 years.”

Thanks to Befus’ technical background, and the company’s reputation in the community, they soon took the opportunity to expand to include locally manufactured Enviro and Urbana gas fireplaces. This aligns with Pacific Fireplace’s companies values of supporting other local businesses.

“These two brands are truly locally sourced,” Befus says. “They’re made by Sherwood Industries, which is just down the street from us.”

In May 2022, with the team’s background in trades and refrigeration, Pacific Fireplaces expanded to include selling and servicing ductless heat pumps as well.

“Electric fireplaces are powered by electricity like heat pumps – they just don’t cool – so it made sense for us to make that move,” Befus says. “With some of the recent environmental concerns about gas and wood fireplaces, many people come to us confused about what product to buy. With my technical background I can educate them on the different options to help them make the best choice for their needs.

“You couldn’t ask for a better climate than Victoria for heat pumps, but electric, gas and wood can all be great solutions. Deciding which one is best for someone just depends on the problem we are trying to solve.”

Befus and his team also ensure their clients make the right decision when choosing the best product for their home and their needs.

“Often people have done their own research, but because there are different products for different applications, they might actually be thinking about the wrong product altogether,” Befus says. “Our expertise ensures you’ll be starting on the right path from step one.”

Pacific Fireplaces is committed to providing top-notch services for installation, repair and maintenance of their heat pumps and gas, wood and electric fireplaces.

“We require that a product is serviceable by us before we’ll install it,” Befus says. “We don’t sub-contract anything, and do all aspects of installation except finishing work. From electrical to gas-fitting and framing – we do everything from the ground up.”

Learn more at or stop by the showroom at 2205 Keating Cross Rd.. You can also follow them on Facebook or call 250-544-6769 to learn more.