Stronger Bones Now – Strengthen Bones Without Surgery or Medication

Stronger Bones Now is a program that helps consumers to improve the strength in their bones. The program specifically targets women who are at risk of osteoporosis, providing users with plenty of content that can support their healing and reduce pain.

What is Stronger Bones Now?

Osteoporosis impacts millions of men and women around the world, causing incredible weakness and putting sufferers at constant risk of breaking a bone. Life shouldn’t be consumed by this fear and stress. Anyone should have the ability to have fun with their loved ones and children without being inhibited by the paranoia that their bones can stand up to their challenges.

Finding a solution for bones at risk of weakness is a difficult problem, and most people are quick to go to a doctor for these problems. Too many medical practitioners want to push consumers to start taking serious medication or even get surgery. However, the creators of Stronger Bones Now believe that there are natural and safe ways to improve bone strength now to avoid problems later.

The entire Stronger Bones Now program is based around the work of Kevin Ellis, who refers to himself as Bone Coach. Much of his professional life is centered around helping women to build up the strength in their bones that will pull them further away from osteoporosis. His work as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and he’s already helped women in over 1,500 different cities to improve their bone strength.

The reason that Kevin is so involved in the creation of such a program is because of his own journey with osteoporosis, giving him a unique perspective on this condition. According to this research, Kevin discovered that the problem behind osteoporosis is that it isn’t treated with methods that will work. Over the course of 60 pages, consumers will learn about a three-step routine that helps consumers to protect themselves from fractures and other injuries as the result of weak bones.

This program includes plenty of important details about finding the right approach for weak bones, but it also reveals the secrets about how the industry has yet to address these concerns. Many consumers find that they are missing important pieces in their plan for supporting bone health and knowing what to avoid in the future. By dealing with these concerns at the start, consumers can significantly reduce the risk of fractures, support bone strength, and more.

The creation of this program is no fast-money project. The creator has spent over a decade putting all of this information together, using his own money and research to create a program that gets results. Even with this content, they had to continue to go through it in a way that was entertaining and easy to understand, which they easily achieve.

The 3-Step Stronger Bones Blueprint

The reason that the Stronger Bones Now program works so well is because it breaks down the regimen into a three-step regimen that alleviates all of the stress and worry of not breaking anything. Users should feel confident as they go through this program, telling them exactly what they should do when they need to do it, ensuring that there is no guesswork.

The first step is to identify the problem. The creators don’t mean identifying the pain or the bone loss. Instead, users take this step to figure out the biggest stresses for their body.

Next, the user is invited to nourish themselves. This means that they will be restoring raw materials and nutrients that the body needs.

Finally, users will start to build. When they rebuild their body, they can optimize the production of the right minerals in their bones, mind, and the rest of their body.

What Can You Learn From Stronger Bones Now?

Even though the e-book is rather short, it is densely packed with supportive information. Most importantly, it breaks the 3-step blueprint into more details that will help bones to thrive. However, there are other lessons that users should keep in mind as well. In this program, users will learn:

  • Details that the best bone density scans might not pick up, and why doctors aren’t concerned.
  • What keeps consumers from learning about their bone strength.
  • A few steps that consumers can take to improve their bone health from the comfort of their home.
  • The problems that can cause users to have pain in their back when their bones are weak.
  • The cause of failure, whether the user takes on natural or conventional methods of treatment.
  • Mistakes that many people make with their osteoporosis or osteopenia that can cause bigger problems.
  • How low bone density is impacted by water.
  • Tools that people who easily handle their osteoporosis use.
  • Disqualifiers that can predict bad bone density for some consumers.

Along with these lessons, consumers will learn about four internal problems that make it hard for anyone to make improvements in their bone density with salads, smoothies, and more. They’ll even discover why the threat of a fracture isn’t always guaranteed.

So far, there is no guide that goes into such substantial detail that Stronger Bones Now does. According to their discussions with other users, everyone feels confident in the plan they set forth for themselves with this guide, and about 90% of those participants end up seeing major progress in their journey to improved bone density.

Purchasing Access to Stronger Bones Now

To get access to all of the content offered through Stronger Bones Now, consumers will only need to pay $27. This payment covers the entirety of the program, plus multiple bonuses that will push the envelope of the results that users hope for. All of the content is delivered digitally, which means that users will get access as soon as they submit their order.

If the user finds that this program is not the right option for their needs, they can reach out to the creators to get a refund.

Bonus Materials

In total, consumers get three bonuses by purchasing Stronger Bones Now. First, there’s Bone Coach Eat Sheet™. This tool is especially helpful for people who already have osteoporosis and are restricted in their diet. It includes nutrition tips that work for the user’s body, rather than just pushing them to consume a high concentration of calcium, vitamin D, and dark leafy greens. Instead, the guide talks about the right types of nutrients, how to properly absorb nutrients, and how to reach the cell level. This guide spans 50 pages, and there’s no other opportunity that consumers will have to access it.

In the Bone Coach Eat Sheet, consumers will learn about the right foods for their bone health, how to deal with supporting bone health with autoimmune disease, and six pillars of healthy eating for the bones. This PDF file also helps users to keep their gut health under control, which positively impacts the immune system and digestion.

The second bonus is the Top Bone Damagers Guide. This guide shows users helpful information about the things in their diet and environment that could be damaging their bones right now. It describes the slow degeneration of bone loss.

Next, consumers get an entire collection of Bone Healthy Recipes. These recipes provide foods with the nutrients that consumers need to keep their bones healthy.

The final bonus is a contribution. Whenever consumers order Stronger Bones Now, they will instantly send a donation to No Kid Hungry.

Additional Questions About Stronger Bones Now

How long will consumers be able to access Stronger Bones Now when they make their purchase?

Once the payment is made, consumers will be able to access the content for life.

How are the guides of Stronger Bones Now delivered?

All of this content is sent to the user as part of a digital package. The order is delivered to consumers over email, though they might have to check their spam folders to get access.

What about consumers who want a more focused, personalized approach?

Anyone who signs up for the eBook and bonuses will have the opportunity to upgrade their order. Upgrading will give the users access to personalized coaching with the experts of Stronger Bones Now. However, this opportunity is only available right now while the extra guides are available.

What can consumers do if they need support with lab tests?

The creators show that anyone who orders the eBook from Stronger Bones Now with their bonuses will have the ability to add lab-testing guidance if they upgrade.

Why should consumers purchase Stronger Bones Now?

Bone loss is difficult to rebuild when it has already happened. However, if consumers can prevent it instead, they have a better chance of strong and healthy bones. Stronger Bones Now helps consumers with both of these concerns, regardless of the user’s age.

Why should users purchase Stronger Bones Now when they can just speak with their doctor?

The creators encourage consumers to be an advocate for themselves while working with their doctors. Part of the curriculum even helps consumers to understand how they can advocate and what they need to ask when they speak with a medical professional.

Is Stronger Bones Now Safe for Consumers Who Take Medication?

Any lifestyle change that could impact on someone’s health should only be done with careful consideration for their current medical state. The creators encourage consumers to speak with their doctor before pursuing any of the changes in their guide if they currently are treating a medical condition.

Why not just eat more calcium?

While consuming calcium is a possible way to improve the bones, consumers won’t be able to get everything they need from that mineral without the right balance within their body. Eating right is just one step of the plan, but the body needs to be able to absorb and use the nutrients, and that’s how Stronger Bones Now can help.

What if Stronger Bones Now doesn’t work for consumers?

The creators offer a brief 14-day period that users can relinquish access to the content to get their money back.

To get a hold of the customer service team, consumers can send a message to customercare@bonecoach.com.


Stronger Bones Now provides consumers with a way to improve their bone density without having to undergo surgery or take medications. The regimen helps users to absorb nutrients properly while increasing the amount of positive and healthy ingredients involved in the user’s routine. With multiple bonuses to further support these changes, consumers can make a big difference with their bone density.