Trump Christmas Box Reviews: Merry Christmas Patriots Christmas Gift Box (Checks, Bucks, Tickets, Cards)

It is Christmas month, and everyone is busy gathering gifts for their loved ones. While searching, you’ll see every website giving discounts, so customers won’t have a hard time purchasing gifts. Instead of getting the same old stuff, why not this time give your loved one a nice surprise that they would never expect?

The Trump Christmas Gift Box is an excellent option if you are in fun as a Trump supporter. This shows your love for President Trump as a supporter, and this gift box offers tons of stuff. This way, you’ll have some VIP cards to show that Donald Trump is your favorite candidate as president of America.

What Is Trump Christmas Box?

The main reason why this gift box suddenly became famous is that many people purchased it to show their support for Trump. Not to mention, it became the best-selling product with 74 million sales.

This gift box contains cards you can use to redeem for exclusive merchandise. These are secure shopping cards to help you get stuff with extra perks. Moreover, there is no annual fee; you can use these cards until their expiry date. The hundreds of dollars you’ll spend giving your friends or family this gift can help them throughout the holidays with discounts.

Another good reason to purchase this is that you don’t have to search for multiple gifts. While it doesn’t have material gifts, it contains stock to help your loved ones easily get what they like.

What You’ll Get in Trump Christmas Box?

This gift box has three variants: medium, large, and Santa combo. The medium box is the cheapest, while the Santa combo is expensive but offers the best checks and cards.

Medium Box

In this gift box, you’ll get three VIP golden bucks; premium collectible items, but you can’t use them anywhere. There are also three diamond Trump checks, collectible items, ten Trump golden tickets, and three TRB checks. Now, while you cannot use anything from this medium box for discounts, you can resale these items to get money.

Large Box

The large box contains six VIP golden bucks, three diamond Trump checks, ten Trump golden tickets, six TRB checks, and cards each.

Santa Combo Box

This box offers the best value with its huge combo of 24 diamond Trump checks (12 blue and 12 black). Moreover, you also get VIP golden and diamond VIP bucks (12 each) and 20 golden tickets. What makes this box so special is the TRB cards and checks (12 each).

Guarantees With Trump Christmas Box

Since this gift box has gained a lot of attention in less time, many companies have started selling its fake version. You can even find these copies on Amazon at cheaper rates. Always purchase this product from the official site to get the genuine product at a discount. Apart from the discount, you’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like anything in this box, return it within two months and get your money. However, everything must be in perfect shape, without bend marks, spots, or torn signs. Otherwise, the website won’t accept a return.

You’ll also get free shipping on Santa box if you order from the original website all across the USA. If there are no delays, it will take only two days to get your package.

Trump Christmas Box Pricing

Customers who want to show their support for Donald Trump must purchase this gift box from the original website. Since Christmas is near, you’ll get these gift boxes at a much lower price.

  • The medium box is currently available at 70% with a price tag of $149.99.
  • After a discount of 80%, the large gift box is available at $299.99.
  • The Santa box with the most collectible items is available at $499.99 and is the most recommended deal on the website.
  • Except for the Santa box, you’ll need to pay a shipping fee of $50, which you won’t get back if you return the item.

Benefits of Trump Christmas Box

The idea behind purchasing this box is to show your support for Donald Trump in the 2024 campaign. If you are a fan of Donald Trump, this box has some benefits; otherwise, it contains collectible items.

Apart from keeping the items, you can resell them to those who can’t afford to purchase the entire box. However, the website won’t allow a third-party seller, so be careful while reselling these items.

You can also make videos about this product and post it on your social page as a sign that you support Trump.

How to Use Items From the Box

If you don’t want to keep them as collectible items, there is another way to utilize the cards in the package. There are many stores and shops that allow discounts or offer to redeem points when you use these cards.

You can find those stores and utilize these cards and checks to get discounts on exclusive merchandise.

Final Words

More than 74 million Americans are showing their support for Donald Trump in the 2024 election campaign. If you want to show your support and want to bring your family into this, there is no better option than purchasing a Trump Christmas Box. With the collectible items, you won’t be able to decorate your home, but you can share the collectibles on social media to show your support.