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Meet Your Candidates: Four battle for Juan de Fuca seat on CRD

Mike Hicks retiring after 13 years on board
The Juan de Fuca Electoral Area is home to some of the best beaches in the Capital Regional District. (Dawn Gibson - Sooke News Mirror))

This is the second in a series of candidates that are running in the Oct. 15 civic election. Today, we look at candidates running in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. Candidates – listed in alphabetical order – were asked to provide their occupation and top three issues (up to two words each), and platform (up to 100 words)


Derek Bishop

Occupation: Self-employed boat builder

• Water

• Recreation

• OCP alignment

With Mike Hicks retiring, it is important to keep our foot on the gas pedal. As a volunteer appointment, I have served on the SEAPARC commission for 11 years. Through partnerships with other governing bodies and our community, we have achieved a lot with minimal tax increases. With the current growth rate of the Juan de Fuca, it is important to maintain and keep up, and in doing so, we need good leadership that can adapt to needs by finding solutions to the issues that exist and doing what we can to prepare for the future issues before they arrive.


Shaunna Salsman

Occupation: School bus driver

• Rural Communities

• Environmental Incentives

• Sustainable Development

We live next to what we thought would be responsible development. But in dealings with our local government on various issues, listening to community members and leaders, plus front-line personnel, we need to preserve and protect our rural communities with clear responsible OCPs. The community recommendations and requirements, which were dismantled, diminished and disregarded by developers and allowed by the CRD, inspired me to run for JdF director. I will revisit bylaws, close loopholes, and clear up vague language that leads to community and environmental mistreatment. I’ll quickly give CRD personnel the tools needed for accountability and promote responsible stewardship.


Sandy Sinclair

Occupation: Retired businessman

• Affordable Water

• Improved Transit

• Food Security

I would like:

• A subsidized water storage and distribution system with a payment plan and water use fee. A reduced cost to Kemp Lake Water District. Rebates for rainwater catchment tanks. A long-term plan for piped water. A solution to the fire hall trucking in water.

• Improved bus schedules, especially for workers and seniors, to allow them to live in rural areas. I want sheltered bus stops.

• To work with farms and emergency coordination groups on food storage before market. Training for new farmers, along with subsidized rent, could also encourage new, much-needed volunteer firefighters.


Al Wickheim

Occupation: Retired

• Water security

• Traffic management

• Community expansion

This is a position in which the director advocates for the will of the various Juan de Fuca districts guided by the official community plan and other governmental regulations. I have lived most of my 63 years in the area, had several businesses and worked as a full-time paramedic. I believe that our rural lands, which we moved to because they are rural, must be protected in terms of water security and access, the annexation of lands by neighbouring municipalities, traffic management and control of community expansion.

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