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3 Best Websites to Buy an Essay Online for College Students

You can find money or take a student loan to pay for college. You can pay tutors to coach you in certain subjects or areas. You can buy or rent the best textbooks to learn things. You can buy the latest MacBook and enjoy working on it. However, there’s one thing you can’t buy - time.

You can find money or take a student loan to pay for college. You can pay tutors to coach you in certain subjects or areas. You can buy or rent the best textbooks to learn things. You can buy the latest MacBook and enjoy working on it. However, there’s one thing you can’t buy - time. What are you going to do with all that money when you need to submit three essays, five solved problems or equations, and a presentation by the end of the week while also doing your part in a group capstone project? Purchasing a six-pack of Red Bulls and working your ass off during sleepless nights is an option. Yet, there’s another.

When pressured for time, students can resort to specialized Internet-based services where they can buy a custom essay or virtually any other type of academic paper. Generally, the piece can be delivered within hours (starting from just 3 hours) or several days.

After carefully considering online reviews, customer feedback on designated platforms (i.e., Trustpilot, Sitejabber, specialized subreddits, etc.), and about four dozen relevant websites, we are ready to present our TOP 3 custom writing services to buy an essay paper online quickly, reliably, and affordably.

PaperHelp - The Best Website to Buy Custom Essays Online Overall

Based on our research, it is obvious that is the first-choice place to go if you want to buy a college essay crafted exclusively for you by a verified paper writer. This website is mentioned in customer reviews so often that one might think that this is perhaps the largest company in the market. However, the truth is that PaperHelp is a medium-sized writing service. As we’ve found out during our research, it was founded all the way back in 2008. Having first focused on writing essays only, the company kept gradually expanding the range of services. Today, PaperHelp experts help high school, college, university, and postgraduate students with:

  • Writing the full scope of entirely original academic papers, from essays to dissertations.
  • Questions and answers, including multiple-choice questions.
  • Developing various kinds of specific tasks, for example, presentations, case studies, or capstone projects.
  • Problem solving, equations, and other calculations.
  • Proofreading and editing already written papers.

Judging by customer feedback, PaperHelp pays special attention to ensuring a truly individual approach to each order. This is proved by the possibilities to add specific writing instructions, upload teacher-issued paper requirements, select one of the three writer levels and get in touch with the assigned expert directly. Another important aspect of buying an essay online is anonymity. Measures that the company took to ensure customer confidentiality and payment safety include their website 256-bit SSL encryption, user info non-sharing policies, and compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. No wonder we didn’t find a single PaperHelp review that casts a shadow on the company’s reliability.

To sum it up, while PaperHelp isn’t the largest custom writing website out there, today it certainly is one of, if not the best place to buy essays online, taking the entirety of its features, benefits, and reputation.

  • Range of services - 5 stars
  • Prices - 4 stars
  • Support - 5 stars
  • General online feedback - 5 stars
  • Most prominent characteristics: individual approach, remarkable writing quality and support, reliability and proven payment safety.

WowEssays - Buy Essay Papers Easily or Benefit from Tons of Free Features is another example of a medium-sized online company that provides custom writing services. Like the previous contender, they claim they can deliver any type of academic paper crafted from scratch by an expert writer should you ask them, ‘Write my essay.’ Yet, online reviews show that WowEssays deals best with standard assignments while complicated papers like theses or dissertations are not their jam. On the other hand, high school and undergraduate-level papers they deliver are worth the highest praise. Apparently, focusing on college writing is a conscious choice as such papers amount to over 70% of all orders in the industry.

A brief overview of the service shows that it offers custom writing, problem solving, and editing, as well as admission essays, presentations, Q&A, resumes, etc. Experts you can hire are divided into three categories - basic, Advanced, and TOP writers. For an additional cost, customers can order Extra services that include VIP customer service, plagiarism report, editor’s check, abstract page, etc. There are Wow Essays discount codes for first-time buyers and large orders (starting from $500).

Two more things customers regularly point out in WowEssays reviews are its free sample database (includes close to 100.000 example papers of various types) and directory of free writing assistance tools. The latter showcases over three dozen easy-to-use utilities meant to help you craft, improve, and check papers. However, it is a simple and effective custom writing service that made the company’s name widely known among college students in the US. So, next time you ask yourself, ‘Where can I buy essays online and don’t worry about the result?’ - think WowEssays.

  • Range of services - 5 stars
  • Prices - 4 stars
  • Support - 5 stars
  • General online feedback - 4 stars
  • Most prominent characteristics: great writing quality, simple ordering process, and lots of free stuff (i.e., sample database, writing tools, etc.).

EvolutionWriters - A Go-To Place to Buy Cheap Essay for International Students is a relatively young player in the custom writing industry. Yet, this essay writing service caught our attention due to its focus on providing affordable papers and targeting mostly international students who study in the US.

On the one hand, their website analysis shows that EvolutionWriters doesn’t offer any supplementary services apart from writing itself and has the most budget-friendly prices of other companies on the list. Apparently, cutting any side projects allows the company to channel resources straight to the core task, which is crafting decent academic papers. On the other hand, online customer feedback indicates that users value the fast order turnaround and responsive support available via multiple means of communication.

Another interesting feature is the free ‘Simple language’ specialty; it means that the ordered paper can be written in simple English, avoiding complex sentence structure and terms. The thing is, the majority of writing services don’t consider this nuance, while many of their clients are ESL students. And papers these companies deliver don’t take into account the peculiarities of writing for people whose command of English is far from natives’. Therefore, submitting such a piece could trigger a teacher’s unwanted attention and lead to undesired consequences. That’s precisely what activating the ‘Simple language’ feature lets avoid while getting the result you need.

Thus, if you want to buy essays cheap while having them written straightforwardly, EvolutionWriters is the right service for you. At the same time, multiple reviews show that there are many English native speakers among the service’s Advanced and TOP writers, meaning ENL students can efficiently use their services too.

  • Range of services - 4 stars
  • Prices - 5 stars
  • Support - 5 stars
  • General online feedback - 4 stars
  • Most prominent characteristics: delivery speed, affordability, and awesome support.

When Is It Reasonable to Buy Essay Services Online?

Addressing a custom writing service while being ready to pay someone to do the job instead of you is a serious step. Often, this is the last resort for students who would suffer more significant losses if they don’t buy a paper online. Of course, laziness is there, too, but it has never been among the top reasons for hiring a professional writer. In turn, the most widespread justifications for purchasing a custom-written piece include:

  • Lack of time - that’s a no-brainer;
  • Not fully understanding the assignment’s instructions or requirements, hence being confused about what exactly needs to be done;
  • Lack of writing skills or specific knowledge required to accomplish the task successfully;
  • Poor English skills - that could be so true for freshmen international students.
  • Pressure to perform and deliver results regardless of your well-being or any other circumstances.

Undoubtedly, there can be many other obstacles in a particular student’s path through college that might affect their decision to fork out to get a custom-written paper. Whatever the reason, paying for competent online help can navigate you through clutch times and get you where you need to be, that’s for sure.

How to Identify the Best Place to Buy College Essays

Once you decide to go for it, you will face the question, ‘Where can I buy an essay and other papers safely and confidently?’ Of course, you already have three decent options presented above. However, if you want to run your own research, here is a brief checklist of what features and elements you should pay attention to when choosing a website to place an order.

  • Good online reputation and positive customer reviews. Check out user feedback platforms, forums (for example, Reddit), and Q&A websites (i.e., Quora, Yahoo Answers).
  • Availability of customer managers for live talk and their adequate answers to your questions. Take your time to contact a service’s reps via different communication channels.
  • Confidentiality and safety. Make sure a service’s privacy policies ensure your anonymity. Also, look for the PCI DSS logo on the website - this shows compliance with strict payment safety standards.
  • Possibility to confirm the delivered paper’s originality. All writing services claim to perform an anti-plagiarism check by default. However, it’s much better if they can send a full-fledged plagiarism report. Keep in mind that, generally, this feature comes at an extra cost.
  • Free revisions. Figure out what is a service’s revision policies: how many free revisions you are entitled to, how much time you have to request them and how fast they will be done.
  • Straightforward money-back guarantee. Don’t neglect reading a service’s refund policies or inquiring about them with customer managers.

Hopefully, these practical tips will help you find a custom writing service you can rely on, as this is hardly the case when you can just trust your guts. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to check multiple websites single-handedly, you can always opt for PaperHelp, WowEssays, or EvolutionWriters we’ve examined as thoroughly as it gets.

Still Wondering Is Buying Essays Online Safe?

Having doubts is in human nature. So, if you’re still wondering whether buying an essay or another paper online is safe, here are couple more insights that might clarify how things work in this situation.

The first safety-related concern students usually have is whether a teacher or anyone else can find out that a paper wasn’t written by them. For starters, from the originality aspect, there’s no way an educational institution can detect plagiarism as long as the paper is crafted from scratch and checked before being sent to you. On the other hand, many modern solutions rely on AI algorithms to match each new piece with papers written by you previously and stored in their databases. To beat this feature, one shouldn’t neglect making minor changes to the received paper in order for it to look like their own work. Also, when placing an order, you can attach several of your previously written papers so that the writer can mimic your style as close as possible.

Another widespread concern relates to confidentiality. However, remaining anonymous is not much of a problem nowadays. Sophisticated website SSL encryption, PCI DSS measures, user no-sharing practices, and even simple registration that only requires a valid email address all contribute to keeping your cooperation with an online service an undiscoverable secret.

The bottom line here is that buying an essay or another paper from a reliable online service is as safe as it gets. You’d better worry about preparing clear and detailed instructions for the writer and placing an order as early as you can. This will ensure that the paper meets your expectations while the costs are remarkably affordable.