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Vinces Gym Reviews (Vince Gironda) Is It Worth the Money?

This is the classic story, you want to gain muscle and get powerful, but you always stop. Isn’t that a problem? Strength training is often challenging. It would be better if you had the discipline to endure or if you gave up halfway. Unfortunately, finding decent trainers is equally tricky.

This is the classic story, you want to gain muscle and get powerful, but you always stop. Isn’t that a problem? Strength training is often challenging. It would be better if you had the discipline to endure or if you gave up halfway. Unfortunately, finding decent trainers is equally tricky. Sometimes you hire people who keep concentrating on all the technical aspects of training but do not appear to be in this good form, so why should you trust them? These guys are also bursting with muscles at other times. They also use anabolic, though, that are hazardous for you. Today, we’re going to examine a new training program that claims to remedy the problem: Vince’s Gym. Is this another fraud masked as the chance to have the body you’ve always desired, or is it real?

Vince Gironda

Born in the Bronx, New York (9 November 1917), Vince Gironda’s family traveled to Los Angeles with his father, a stuntman, to work on a movie called Ben-Hur. At the age of 22, after discovering he was too tiny to pursue his stunt career, Gironda began dedicating his life to iron.

The enormous screen quickly became more prominent than the express desire to take it further and create a stunning physique. His talented shape gained his praise in the Hollywood Easton Brothers Gym, where he developed some of his first training directors. He built up his Gym in 1948 and began to create the several routines that made him known.

Gironda’s reputation as a trainer had just been called Vince’s Gym and now had the ideal atmosphere to develop. Vince’s Gym immediately became popular, situated in a modest and minimally equipped structure just outside Hollywood at Studio City. It wasn’t more extensive than a 4-car garage, but it was an actual hardcore facility. The Vince Gym was furnished with an odd mixture of purpose-built apparatus (some say resembled medieval torture devices) that suited the concept of bodybuilding for its only trainer.

Vince’s Gym

This regimen is based on the teachings of Vince Gironda or the Iron Guru, “an obsessed 104-year-Old Italian.” Back in the 1940s, he devised a demanding yet easy training system you can apply to date without too many costs. His old school strategy is essential to focus on the appropriate exercises to generate power and resistance. At the same time, you will preserve a diet that gives you the energy to burn at the fitness center. Vince began training folks near Los Angeles and trained many renowned actors. His students included highly prominent artists such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammad Makkawy, and Carl Weathers. He has also developed several popular exercises like eight to eight, six to seven, muscle confusion, and the Guillotine press.

Was it Worth Body Building?

The Iron Guru was called to him. His physical and legendary methods of training were ahead of time at the peak of his powers. His unique and very efficient training ideas attracted thousands of bodybuilding champions and well-established film stars. Vince Gironda was original in the Golden Era, and his effect is still felt today.

Like many geniuses, Vince Gironda was sluggish with those he felt his time wasted. Excellent and courageously imaginative, he governed his famous fitness center in his manner. A lovely one minute, he suddenly might turn caustic to people who aroused his hatred. Some believe it is weird; others consider it (and still think it) an unrivaled genius trainer. He was a legendary person in the history of the iron game, a true icon of the Golden Era.

How Does Vince’s Gym work?

Vince’s Gym is an online subscription to the training program that mainly brings your gym home. It is a 12-month four-phase training program based on the knowledge of Vince’s old school. The first step is the 8/8 exercise, which consists of a split training of 4 8/8 lifts. It isn’t easy, but it’s also beneficial. Followed by a muscle definition phase to burn fat and tone your body once you get your original muscles. Then you will reach the famous 6/6 program, which will help make your body sound and define. The third stage is the bulk-up phase, in which you don’t have to be so rigorous on eating but train harshly with emphasis on strength and muscle growth.

Some of the benefits of the workout include lifting your energy levels off the charts, new strength, and a better feeling than ever before. You’ll uncover muscles you haven’t even known, and your trust and appearance will rise tenfold. According to the architects of Vince’s Gym, aging is almost the opposite. You will feel at least ten years younger as you burn body fat and get healthy.

What are Vince’s Gym features?

You will receive the complete training program by purchasing this package. It takes a year, and the main aim is to help you tone and strengthen your body in this period. However, that’s not all you get. First, you will acquire Vince’s Vault access. This is an online training program with various available materials 24/7. In this method, you can achieve information everywhere and everywhere.

Another advantage is access to the website of the Iron Guru community. It will help you to develop as a bodybuilder through communication with fellow enthusiasts. Being part of a community is an excellent method to achieve a common objective and trade ideas. So, you may anticipate being much more motivated than if you had to accomplish all of this alone. A 10% discount will take place if you buy supplements from NSP Supplements by being part of the community of the Iron Guru. This company was started by Vince himself in 1972 and specialized in additional products that can help bodybuilders quickly reach their goals.

There are also monthly Live Events at Vince’s Gym. During these events, you can ask the people who manage the site and receive feedback directly. This will add value and, over time, increase your training. Finally, you’ll receive a digital version of Vince’s best-selling book, The Wild Physique. This uncommon volume was printed years ago, and the tangible version in many shops costs more than $200. In the book, you can learn a lot from specialists like Mohamed Makkawy and Larry Scott about many of Vince’s secrets. It also offers a list of what you should eat to obtain your outcomes and has many workouts for bodybuilding.

Vince’s Diet

Gironda famously claimed that bodybuilding is mostly about nutrition and that the rest is meaningless if you don’t nail it first. He encouraged the use of steak, eggs, and protein powder as a modest amount of protein; high fat from such things as unpasteurized, heavy creams or half; and the rest from crude vegetables, nuts, and fruit during the season. He supported the low-carb diet early on and employed several additives like amino acids, digestive enzymes, and vitamin C. He also promoted food-free eggs and raw milk because he thought they worked like steroids, although he was adamantly against the actual usage of steroids.


Pros and Cons of Vince’s Gym


  • You will take part in forums and obtain assistance from more experienced bodybuilders.
  • The training sessions and materials are highly detailed.
  • You will be considerably healthier than previously by exercising.
  • People who try to learn resistance typically get confidence boosted.
  • You can practice at home – at your own pace.


  • It will take some effort to complete all tasks at home on your own. One of the key advantages of a physical fitness center or personal trainer is that not giving up is easy.
  • The training equipment is not included in the program. You may need to buy equipment while the application does not need anything complicated.

Vince’s Gym Pricing

You can register at Vince’s Gym for $197. The training lasts a year and only once do you have to pay for it. That’s just 54 cents a day to achieve the body you want your entire life. The average cost of membership to the Gym in one year may be up to $700, so it’s pretty cheap in comparison. According to the official website, all properties sold separately would be worth more than $1,600; thus, this is a deal. You pay only for membership in the Iron Community ($197), and you get everything else entirely free of charge. There is also another way of paying $75 in three payments. It costs $225, which is a little higher, but it doesn’t take $200.00 to get started.

Final Words

Vince Gironda is a legend, even among the biggest bodybuilders. He flipped the bodybuilding world back on his ear and still succeeds in doing the same thing. His thoughts on the most effective bodybuilding tactics have caused considerable discussion and honestly pissed off many of the so-called ‘experts.’ Vince was such a controversial figure that people either like his beliefs or reject them as total quackery after all these years. Enough people trusted Vince to be named “the Iron Guru” and build a reputation as a “star trainer.”

Precisely what is this? The offer looks true. Indeed, Vince Gironda was a very prominent trainer and worked with several notable people. You may be sure that by following his training plan, you will achieve desired results. Training in a fitness center helps you get motivated. However, you should be aware that this application should be purchased only by persons willing to make a lot of effort. So you can confront a stricter struggle than you imagined by doing everything yourself. Be sure to check out your online community. Overall, however, this seems like a terrific offer. You will get all the advice you need in Vince’s Gym to start building a more muscular body, and if you apply yourself, you will see the results in a year.

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