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UPDATE: CRD puts new Thetis Lake sign on hold following social media backlash

CRD planning to change entrance signs at Thetis Lake and Elk/Beaver Lake regional parks
An artist rendering of the new sign design put forward by the CRD for Thetis Lake Regional Park. (Courtesy of CRD)

The social media outrage caused by the planned change to the sign at Thetis Lake Park has caused the Capital Regional District to change course.

“You spoke, we listened. We’ve heard and appreciate the passion that has been expressed regarding the Thetis Lake Regional Park log sign. The sign will stay in place until a decision can be made on how to move forward,” read a tweet from CRD.

New signs going up around regional parks are certainly capturing some attention with Greater Victoria residents, but it wasn’t kind the Capital Regional District had in mind.

The CRD put up a Facebook post showing the current sign welcoming visitors to Thetis Lake Park and one being installed later this month.

“Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park got its new sign last week, and this week, the old log sign at Thetis Lake Regional Park will be removed in anticipation of its new sign being installed at the end of the month,” read the post from CRD.

The post generated close to 700 comments in the first 19 hours, most of them not positive.

“So, it’s gone from something that connects the visitor with nature (log-style signage) to something that looks like it directs you to the x-ray department at the hospital,” wrote Sebastian Berry.

“Capital Regional District your new signs give off the vibes of a post-9/11 airport lounge or long-term care facility. Sad,” said Vanessa Tan.

“Capital Regional District you took down a long-standing piece of functional artwork and replaced it with a chunk of sheet metal, and you wonder why people are upset?” asked Adam Rogers.

The response seemed to strike a nerve with the CRD.

“We’re seeing comments about the change in look and feel of the new park signage,” the CRD responded. “We recognize the new design is a departure from the grey and blue signs people are familiar with at park entrances, and specifically the log at the entrance of Thetis Lake Regional Park. However, as wood signs tend to do, they decay over time and require increasing staff time and resources to stay legible, functional, and safe.

“The new signs have been designed to require as little maintenance as possible and provide many years of trouble-free use. Component durability and vandalism resistance were key priorities throughout the design process, and among other important qualities, the panels are both UV and corrosion resistant.”

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The old sign at Thetis Lake Regional Park. (Courtesy of CRD)

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