Ingrid Ip

Ingrid Ip


Saanich News talks to council candidate Ingrid Ip.

  • Oct. 20, 2011 3:00 p.m.


Birthday: April 14, 1958

Personal background: Married since 1981 to Raymond and moved to Saanich at that time.  Have lived in Gordon Head since 1986.  Grew up in Greater Victoria since age 6.

Professional background: Employed with BCTel/TELUS since 1980 working as an operator, in customer service and more recently in the data centre.  Diploma in Business Administration from Camosun College.

Political/community experience: None


Why do you want to join Saanich council?

Voter apathy seems to increase with each election.  I decided rather than to feel that I have no voice I would join and be a voice.


What will be the most pressing issue for Saanich council to deal with in the 2011-2014 term?

The most pressing issue for Saanich will be how to keep municipal tax rates down while still providing an acceptable level of service.  The voting public is having a hard time keeping up with rising costs and incomes that are not rising along with these costs.


What has been the biggest failure of the current council?

I don’t think our council has had big any failures in the last term. Most issues that have dragged on are collaborative issues that do not belong to Saanich alone. As far as smaller pet peeves, I don’t think that Uptown is that easy to negotiate for either cars or pedestrians. Hopefully that will change upon completion.  I also find that changes to some routes, like Shelbourne St, just drive people to use other routes that are not designed to be major arteries.


How do you attract unengaged voters to participate and be interested in municipal politics?

I think that voters need to feel that their vote counts and that their voices are heard. I think you need to feel the pulse of the community at large and not just at meetings. I love the discussions/debates that happen as we walk  the streets and parks in Gordon Head. I have also received encouragement just being a new name/face on the scene. If I can just make one more person vote, it will have been worth it.