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Florida man nabbed for selling drugs in Victoria

Police answer man's cellphone calls from people wanting to score drugs

The case of a missing girl led to a case involving a suspected drug dealer.

Victoria police detectives were looking for a missing juvenile girl and spotted someone matching her description on Feb. 13 around 1 p.m. She was walking near Oswego and Michigan streets in James Bay.

They watched as she got into a car driven by an adult male. A few blocks later, she got out and walked away.

Suspicious, police followed the car to Fairfield where they saw a man hop in the vehicle and then get out a few blocks later.

Police stopped the car on Cook Street. A 26-year-old Florida man was arrested for trafficking in controlled substances.

They found a cellphone on his person that was ringing non-stop.

"As the cellphone continued to ring one of the officers answered it and were greeted by a man wanting to buy some crack cocaine," Victoria Deputy Police Chief John Ducker said on the department's online operations blog. "Five minutes later the phone rang again with another client looking to score some drugs, and four minutes after that still another person phoned looking to score."

When the man was searched back at the department's jail block, police found crack cocaine.

Immigration officers with the Canada Boarder Services Agency were notified of the arrest.