Barbara Newton with one of the last remaining signs placed in Saanich for the Midlife Crisis Show. Seven others have been stolen.

Barbara Newton with one of the last remaining signs placed in Saanich for the Midlife Crisis Show. Seven others have been stolen.

Mystery of disappearing signs in Saanich

Thieves remove road side advertisements from Saanich

Saanich’s mystery of disappearing signs is as comical as it is maddening for the owners who put them up.

Seven large road side advertisements – built on plywood and two-by-four frames – have gone missing from four of six locations around Saanich. The signs stand as high as 15 feet above the ground and were installed to promote the upcoming Midlife Crisis Show, an entertainment style conference with performances, food and workshops at the Victoria Convention Centre, Oct. 2 and 3.

“The disappearance is a complete mystery, it’s like they’ve been raptured,” said show manager Barbara Newton. “Maybe the image is too catchy. Or maybe someone is having such a midlife crisis that this is disturbing them.”

The new event is a first, with comedian Brent Butt performing on the Friday night and introducing the day’s events on Saturday.

Midlife Crisis is designed for people aged 50 to 75, many of whom are facing the empty nest syndrome.

“It’s for those people who are done the hard work of their life, the kids have flown the coup, and its time to think about “me” again,” Newton said.

“We’re launching in Victoria first because of our population demographic. We intend to make this an annual event for people in Victoria.”

The only worry now is getting the word out.

“We came up with a great plan, we worked with a graphic designer to create the signs, we obtained the rights to use the image for the signs, and now they’re gone.

“If it’s the graphic of Betty and Bill that someone or some people like, it doesn’t make sense that they would take the other signs with words on them. These are professionally made signs and when the wind came out recently week it knocked over election signs but not ours.”

As of last week the signs remained at two of the original locations. They’ve “disappeared” from spots such as the Highway 1 Helmcken Road overpass, southbound on the Pat Bay Highway just before Uptown, northbound on the Pat Bay Highway just before McKenzie Avenue, and northbound on the Pat Bay at the Quadra Street exit.

“The remaining signs are in [not so] secret locations,” Newton joked.

Saanich public works do remove road side advertisements if they infringe on certain criteria but there have been no work orders to touch any of the Midlife Crisis Show signs, nor does public works know anything about them.

Sgt. Steve Eassie said that in all his years with Saanich Police he’s never heard of any Greek Fest, craft fair, or election signs reported stolen.

“Certainly there’s been vandalism and damage of signs but never heard of them going missing,” he said.

Tickets to the Oct. 2 performance by Brent Butt are $45 to $75 (with reception). The Oct 3 Midlife Crisis Show lifestyle event runs from from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with main stage activities every hour, a Tasting Room (free), a Tech Room, a panel discussion and an Ask an Expert Room.  Tickets are $8 online or $10 at the door at

Any one with any information can call Newton at 250 882 8061