Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates meet at Oak Bay High

Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates meet at Oak Bay High

Monterey Middle School organizes election education opportunity for residents

Oak Bay’s future voters are paying attention to the May 9 provincial election.

Monterey Middle School organized a “meet the candidates” on Thursday (May 4) at Oak Bay High.

“Although this event is being organized by Monterey Middle School, we’re expecting – or at least hoping – a large number of people will attend so we’ve booked the Dave Dunnet theatre at Oak Bay High for the event,” said principal Ken Andrews.

The event stems from the principal’s aspiration that the school “in a strictly non-partisan manner” further civic engagement and learning within the community.

“At school, a number of teachers are engaging their students in learning about the upcoming election in their Social Studies classes,” Andrews said. “I recently visited a class in which the students were divided into groups, each group assigned to research and present to their peers on the platform of a different political party running in this election.”

They’ve had confirmation the three main candidates for Oak Bay-Gordon Head candidates – Bryce Casavant (NDP), Alex Dutton (Liberals), and Andrew Weaver (Greens) will attend.

“I believe that this event provides an excellent opportunity for members of our school community and the Oak Bay and Gordon Head community-at-large to learn more about our local candidates and, in doing so, model the importance of civic engagement for our students,” Andrews said. “Students are welcome and encouraged to come too, but we ask that attending youth come with their parents or teachers.”

The Oak Bay – Gordon Head “meet the candidates” is Thursday, May 4 at 7 p.m. in the Dave Dunnet Community Theatre at Oak Bay High School.


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