Saanich pet hospital team treats Mexican animals

Last April, a team from McKenzie Veterinary Services made their third trip to Mexico to assist the Mexi-Can Vet Project, a free spay and neuter clinic.

During their three days of surgeries, a team from the hospital, led by Dr. Malcolm Macartney, flew to Puerto Vallarta and operated on 225 dogs and cats through Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue and PEACE Mexico, a mobile surgical hospital. Many of the previously uncared for animals were treated for skin diseases, ticks and fleas.

“There are so many people who’ve said how amazing the effect it’s had on the people and the the communities (we visit) because people realize they can get help with animals, so more people are interested in having them, more (animals)find homes and everybody’s happy that they’re cared for,” said Sandy Espeseth, hospital manager. “It’s so beneficial on so many levels.”

McKenzie Veterinary Services has also begun transporting dogs back home for adoption. The hospital’s goals for the future of the Mexi-Can Vet project include supporting existing clinics in Mexico, as well as building a permanent veterinary health care facility in Jaltemba Bay.

“There’s no end to the number of animals that need assistance down there,” Espeseth added.

Anyone interested in adopting an animal from Mexico or in supporting the next Mexi-Can trip slated for November, can visit the McKenzie Veterinary Services online at or call the office at 250-727-2125.