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Saanich strategy keeping crosswalk users safer

Leading pedestrian intervals on lights give people a head start before drivers proceed
Leading pedestrian interval signals in Saanich are designed to help pedestrians, scooters and cyclists feel at ease when crossing at busy intersections. (Photo courtesy of Saanich staff)

Priorities are shifting in Saanich to create safer roadways and crosswalks for pedestrians and cyclists.

The District of Saanich has heard pedestrian and cycling safety concerns throughout the community and has since implemented 20 leading pedestrian intervals as part of that response, to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

The project began in September 2019 and sees pedestrians at specified intersections receive a walk signal a few seconds before drivers get their green light.

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“This gives people walking or cycling a head start, which improves their visibility and in turn makes it safer,” said Saanich communications manager, Megan Catalano.

Leading pedestrian intervals, or LPIs, are a recommendation from Saanich’s Active Transportation Plan and installations are planned at additional locations over the next couple of years.

Saanich engineering added LPIs at five intersections in time for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year at McKenzie Avenue at Nelthorpe Street, Glanford Road at Agnes Street, Wilkinson and Mann roads, Interurban and Marigold roads, and Burnside and Harriet roads.

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