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Students plan weekend flash mob

Flash Mob 2
Reynolds secondary student Marina Ma is a dancer and choreographer who has put together the choreography for a school flash mob. Marina

Reynolds secondary students have a bit of a history doing the bizarre, sometimes absurd.

Drama teacher John Gray calls them “random acts of silliness,” recalling a few times when students have stormed a classroom, mobbed a random classmate or two and carried them out all in the name of good fun.

So it’s no surprise that students really took to the idea of organizing a flash mob – a gathering of people in a public yet seemingly random place where they stage a very brief event, then go on their merry way as if nothing happened.

“It’s been a really fun experience so far,” said Grade 11 student Marina Ma. When the mob happens, more than 50 students will break out into dance – to the beat of Kool & the Gang’s Celebration – courtesy of Ma’s choreography.

With years of dance and choreography experience already under her belt, the 17-year-old has never organized something involving so many dancers – many of whom have never danced before.

“That’s been the biggest challenge, but I’m impressed how quickly they’ve learned it,” she said.

Rehearsals for the big dance routine have been ongoing for more than three weeks, including an early-morning dress rehearsal last week. The flash mob will take place sometime, somewhere this weekend, though part of the fun of these events is surprising unsuspecting members of the public who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Ma says she’s choreographed the dance to have an easy, repetitive ending so onlookers can participate if they so choose.

“I’m hoping people will get up up on benches and will be dancing all over,” she said. “That’d be pretty great to see.”