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Top 3 Capital Region intersections for crashes are in Saanich

ICBC statistics show Saanich Road most problematic for drivers
The intersection of Douglas Street and Boleskine Road/Saanich Road was the second-most frequent crash site in the region in 2021, behind only Saanich Road and Blanshard Street southbund just blocks away, according to ICBC statistics. (Google Maps)

Saanich claims the dubious title of having the top crash sites in the region for 2021.

ICBC data released this spring listed vehicle crashes reported around the province. An ICBC online dashboard features crash information dating back to 2017, but the statistics don’t include incidents in parking lots or those involving parked vehicles. Crash locations are self reported.

The top two in the Greater Victoria core won’t surprise users of Saanich Road in the region’s largest municipality. The busy thoroughfare’s intersection with Blanshard Street southbound, and its meetup with Douglas Street and Boleskine Road a couple of blocks away, are the number 1 and 2 most frequent crash sites with 53 and 52 reported, respectively. Those numbers have dropped, however, from 60 and 62 crashes in 2019.

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Victoria’s most dangerous intersections were Blanshard and Hillside Avenue, and the Douglas Street, Gorge Road East and Government Street convergence, both of which saw 44 reported crashes. The Douglas and Finlayson intersection accounted for 42 reported crashes last year.

While Oak Bay had its share of crashes, it doesn’t come close to the two larger communities. The top crash site there, at Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue, saw 15 crashes followed by Foul Bay/Fort Street/Cadboro Bay Road with nine and Cedar Hill X/Gordon Head roads with eight.

Crashes in the area of Highway 1 and McKenzie Avenue/Admirals Road are down significantly since the interchange opened in 2020. That year 40 crashes were reported.

In 2019 that traditional four-way signalled intersection topped the region with 101 crashes, while the two previous years were over 100. Last year 39 were reported at various sites of the interchange.

Find the dashboard of information here.

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Top 10 of 2021 (Saanich, Victoria, Oak Bay)

1 - Blanshard Street and Saanich Road 53 (Saanich)

2 - Saanich/Boleskine Road and Douglas Street 52 (Saanich)

3 - McKenzie Avenue and Quadra Street 49 (Saanich)

4 - Blanshard and Hillside Avenue 44 (Victoria)

5 - Douglas at Gorge Road E./Government Street 44 (Victoria)

6 - Douglas at Finlayson Street 42 (Victoria)

7 - Hillside and Shelbourne Street 35 (Victoria)

8 - McKenzie and Shelbourne 34 (Saanich)

9 - Blanshard and Finlayson 33 (Victoria)

10 - Pat Bay Highway and Sayward Road 33 (Saanich)

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