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Soon my ashes will be at Royal Oak Burial Park in Woodlands plot, amidst the salamanders, and that's ok.

In November I got my diagnosis, stage 4, terminal, etc etc. So many levels of activity were stirred. My daughter Jenn and her then fiance Justin moved their wedding forward from July. I sold my house in Chemainus and started the paperwork to claim medical insurance. Found a lawyer and financial planner. Made plans for my aging Jack Russell. The family and I pulled together really well and they conceded that like everything else in my life to date, I would lead this parade.

Oh, what a life I've travelled - James Keelaghan sings. The essence was change, and adventure and curiosity. My own music journey remained largely unexplored, although in another life it may be where I find my communities again. The push pull of ego and desiring to be creative never got resolved to my satisfaction, but every day was kind except for some, most days were really fun, and life is and was a bowl of cherries.

So I am done early, and as I arrive at 64, I'm ready to learn something about moving on from this body. It has served me well. I've enjoyed making bread in a large white bowl, singing with friends and strangers, growing flowers and vegetables, and chasing the well-loved but unnamed scents of flowering plants as they cause me to veer and tarry on my walks in Victoria the past few years.

For my friends and family, your generosity in providing a constant and loose connection has allowed me to explore and feel loved both. What an honour to be amidst so much love! I can't name all the highlights here, but to all the folks who journeyed alongside, you are welcome to attend our upcoming celebration.

This is me saying goodbye, and thanks. It was a truly great party.

Celebration of life will be held in Duncan on Saturday, April 13th at 1 pm at First Memorial Funeral Home at 375 Brae Road. Please bring flowers if you like, but also take them home. Refreshments provided.

Barb Park ie: Barbara Mary Park, born March 25, 1955 and lived til she died.

Service Details

Celebration of Life
Saturday, April 13, 2019
1:00 PM
First Memorial Funeral Home, 375 Brae Rd. Duncan