Affordable child care needed

Implementation of a $10-a-day child care plan would boost employment and GDP

Implementation of a $10-a-day child care plan is projected to generate sufficient overall government sector revenues to pay for the additional government spending required to build and operate the system. This analysis also projects substantial benefits to employers and households throughout the implementation period, and beyond.

Full implementation of the $10 a day plan will have a significant and positive impact on GDP and jobs. The increase to GDP is close to two per cent, or $5.787 billion on full implementation, with employment increases of 2.8 per cent, or 69,100 net new FTE jobs – an employment multiplier of 36.4 jobs per million dollars of spending. Both of these multipliers are well above the benefits the province typically receives from other investments.

These gains will provide particularly significant benefits to single mothers, and help many families to leave social assistance, which will reduce income inequality.

Allan Crawshaw