Bollards not to blame

Traffic barriers aren't responsible for jumping out in front of cyclists

The article “Council looks to put the brakes on bollards”  in the Feb. 24 Saanich News is hilarious. Who knew those concrete and steel posts covered in reflective tape had such a great sense of humour?

Jumping out of nowhere at cyclists and likely pedestrians to cause “road rash, concussions, dislocated shoulders, torn ligaments, broken fingers, wrists, arms and legs.” So swift the bollards jump at passersby, out of the darkness and straight into you.

They must have a good chuckle with each other after people move on bloodied and bruised, even causing Coun. Vic Derman a “lot of road rash”. Better wrap every tree along every path in bubble wrap and use recycled rubber to soften the asphalt just in case. Maybe taxpayers could spring for red and green lights at every path/ road crossing so we’d all be real sure of our safety.

Reilly Vickers