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Driver behaviour through Lagoon area ‘disgusts’ fellow commuter

Colwood neighbourhood witnesses speeding, other dangerous habits
The Esquimalt Lagoon area, seen here from Heatherbell Road, attracts a great deal of commuter traffic in the morning and afternoons. One resident who moved to the area finds that some engage in drivers rude or unsafe behaviour on the roads. Don Descoteau/News Gazette staff

Re: Esquimalt Lagoon area tragedy waiting to happen (Editorial, May 17)

I’m a local resident of the Esquimalt Lagoon area. My husband and I moved to the area, just off of Heatherbell Road, almost a year ago and I have to say I’m disgusted in the traffic problem in our neighbourhood.

We moved from Esquimalt, just off Admirals Road, where traffic is crazy, but pretty respectful during commuter hours. We still work in Victoria and commute every day.

The worst part of the commute is from the moment I get onto Lagoon Road all the way along Ocean Boulevard to Island Highway.

It’s terrible; not many people do the speed limit, and if you do people come tearing up behind you and tail you all the way to the highway. It’s stressful and unnecessary.

Something has to be done. It is completely disrespectful, people should not be speeding in a residential area, with children and the general public trying to walk safely around their neighbourhood.

We also have a beautiful bird sanctuary with many different species, and right now small goslings that cross the road regularly.

People just don’t care, they still speed.

I have actually had someone pass me on Ocean Boulevard in morning traffic because I was doing the speed limit.

Please, more needs to be done.

Tara Olson