Genderless washrooms still discriminate

Re: Students create washrooms for all (News, Sept. 7)

Re: Students create washrooms for all (News, Sept. 7)

These new washrooms are being hailed as a progressive act. However, it isn’t progressive if you happen to be one of the males who had exclusive use of these two washroom prior to the change.

The two washrooms that have been converted are formerly men’s washrooms that have had partitions installed to separate the urinals from the three toilet stalls. Consequently, men at UVic are being subjected to greater competition for access to toilets while women are being granted less competition.

This is absolutely unfair, and it must be reversed.

Install gender-neutral washrooms in new buildings.  Do not retrofit gender-neutral washrooms into already constructed buildings. To do so detrimentally affects the people who had sole use of the washrooms before the change.

Denis Oliver