Government’s electronic surveillance laws misguided

There are many problems with this online spying legislation.

There are many problems with this online spying legislation.

It will slow our electronic economy down far below those of our G8 and G20 partners. It will be very costly to set up, and once set up will be equally costly to maintain.

Increased taxes are the only way to offset these costs as the monitoring scheme itself will generate no revenue. By allowing the authorities to intercept the electronic traffic of any Canadian citizen, it essentially presupposes guilt on the part of the defendant – something that undermines the fabric of our justice system in a way that democracies have not yet seen.

It eliminates the need for ‘reasonable cause’ on the part of the authorities to whom these sweeping and invasive powers will be granted at the same time as it removes the decision from a judge who determines whether a warrant for observation is, well, warranted.

There is no evidence that this legislation is needed. If enacted, it will hurt individual Canadians as much as it will hurt Canada as a whole.

Please encourage your readers to go to for more information on this issue, as well as to let Mr. Harper know that this legislation is unnecessary and unwanted.

John Goring