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Illegal deer killers not supported by hunters

The Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association condemns the illegal killing and mutilation of urban deer. This activity by poachers in the Greater Victoria and Nanaimo regions has been widely reported in the print, radio and television media over the last several months.

These individuals are rash, careless and thoughtless in their activities and display a potential disregard for public safety. These poachers must be dealt with by the full extent of the law.

Even more appalling to our more than 1,600 members is that these poachers are often mistakenly referred to as hunters in the media. It is obvious from the reports that these individuals have no intention of recovering the deer at which they have shot.

Many have been mutilated with antlers taken away and the rest of the animal left behind. Others have been shot and wounded by target arrows which were never designed for the purpose of hunting.

True hunters are law-abiding, ethical and obey fair chase principles. They have taken and passed the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course which qualifies them for a hunter number card. The hunter number is a requirement to purchase a provincial hunting licence and necessary attached species licences.

Hunters respect open seasons and closed to hunting areas. Hunters recover their game animals – in this case blacktail deer. They care for the meat and edible organs and consume a nutritious, free-range product.

Robert Macdonald


Victoria Fish and Game

Protective Association

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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