LETTER: A message for a thief

LETTER: A message for a thief

This is a letter to the person/s who removed the reflective markers from my property in Rogers Farm on March 9 or 10. Sadly, for all intents and purposes, you are now a thief and a criminal.

Perhaps you found the markers pretty and you couldn’t resist taking them. I understand. We liked them, too. However, they also served a purpose of reminding drivers to not drive on the grass, as has happened on many occasions. Technically, this grassy area does belong to Saanich, though, as it blends into our private property we are kind enough to look after it for the city.

We’re nice that way. You can be nice, too. Please be kind enough to return these markers to their previous home or should you wish to keep them, just drop a $20 note in my mailbox. Be respectful. Much appreciated.

Kim Glenn