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LETTER: Allowing graphic material on the doorstep isn’t free speech


I am writing in regards to Saanich council’s recent decision to ignore Coun. Teale Phelps Boundaroff’s motion to protect residents from graphic unsolicited public pamphlets.

I, for one, applaud your defence of anti-abortion group Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform’s right to put pictures of chopped-up babies in my mailbox without my consent or an opaque envelope to give me the choice of seeing it or not.

It’s refreshing to see a local government so staunchly in favour of unmitigated free speech. Even Calgary has passed the bylaw your council shot down.

To that end, I am proud to announce my campaign to distribute hard-core pornography via unsealed pamphlets for the purpose of spreading sexual education around Saanich and Victoria. My hope is that the increased educational materials will decrease the need for abortions and the fine folks at Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform will be able to hang up their hats for good.

I expect that Saanich council will fully support my free speech rights in this endeavor, and will not fall into the common trap of protecting freedom of speech in cases of violence and bigotry but not in cases of sexuality.

I thank the Saanich council for championing my right to free speech and look forward to distributing my pornography to all your mailboxes in the coming months, starting with members of the Saanich council.

Siobhan Roberts