LETTER: Cordova Bay project will have impact on sewer system

LETTER: Cordova Bay project will have impact on sewer system

I am writing to express my disappointment with council’s decision to not review the proposed development at Cordova Bay Plaza. More specifically, I am curious to know if council understands that by approving this development each member that voted yes are on “the hook” for repercussions that come from their yes vote.

I was at the council meeting and spoke regarding the sanitary sewer system that runs from the proposed development and asked council if a sanitary sewer assessment had been done? Council were told by the chief administrative officer that a sanitary sewer assessment was not required at this stage of the development process.

This statement to me came across like perhaps it was a question that only the engineers and planners at Saanich have knowledge of.I had to ask this question as my background is in utility planning on a municipal level and know firsthand that they can make or break a developments bottom line.

The proposed development will most likely require a sanitary service connection the same size as the existing main in the street which then heads down to the beach along Cordova Bay. These additional flows will have a significant impact of the existing pump stations located on the beach near Parkside Store and the pump station at Haliburton adjacent the Lochside trail. Sanitary sewage piping along a beach is another issue as saltwater is the last thing any piping system is looking to add to its maximum capacity threshold.

I find it very coincidental that Saanich has started a large capital works project of the existing sanitary sewer force main along Lochside. Makes me wonder if this project was a done deal from the beginning and that the council meeting was just another opportunity to showcase the project.

As a taxpayer I don’t want to be paying for new utility upgrades when it should be the responsibility of the developer, or worse have infrastructure that is inadequate because the planning process was negligent.

By the way I am all for of the plaza – I just hope it’s done in a way that benefits the community not just the developer.

Rich Allen