LETTER: Councillor wasn’t silenced

LETTER: Councillor wasn’t silenced

Re: the letter Saanich councillor muzzled (Sept. 30 Saanich News). I listened and watched the entirety of the council meeting as they discussed the new development of the Shelbourne Plaza. During that time I counted three times when Coun. Chambers spoke. Each time she was recognized by the mayor. I found no time when she wasn’t allowed to provide input to the discussion.

As for points of order, familiarity with Robert’s Rules are a prerequisite for municipal councillors and training sessions are available to elected officials. Coun. Chambers seems to still be having difficulty grasping or understanding the proper procedures. Perhaps it is time she did a little more homework.

The letter writer also criticized some of the council because they accepted donations from developers. As I listened to the meeting I heard several council members state they were unhappy with various aspects of the developer’s proposal. I didn’t hear any favouritism being expressed.

Bob Etheridge