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LETTER: Don’t sacrifice Oak Bay park to satisfy need for housing

(Black Press Media file photo)

I’m shocked at the proposal to put housing in Carnarvon Park – housing that would obviously curtail the noise, fun and activities that parks are meant for. I can’t believe I need to say this.

With increases in densification – in Oak Bay this will eventually happen – every square inch of green space becomes more precious. Please think long term when considering the park’s design.

Carnarvon Park should have amenities for the whole community, including the sorely missed day-care facilities.

There is also a plan at SD61 to put day-care facilities on the Musgrave field at Willows School, the largest elementary school in the district. Oak Bay owns all but one lot of the field, and we are depending upon council to keep that greenspace intact in anticipation of future densification and the very large school population at Willows. 600 kids need that space.

Of course, we need both day cares. Luckily, there is the enormous, underused green space at Uplands School to house the SD61 day cares. There is room to build and still have school fields galore upon the inevitable reopening and expansion of Uplands School, which must never be sold.

We need multi-family housing. But using green space is the last thing we should do. Densification demands that we take the long view and keep the green spaces intact for all to enjoy.

Jessica Van der Veen

Oak Bay