LETTER: EDPA a rallying point for election

LETTER: EDPA a rallying point for election

Mary Ross’s letter, ‘EDPA proven to be unjust’, Nov. 15, displays the kind of fuzzy thinking that has lifted the anti EDPA coalition to a prominence it does not deserve. Reasoning by analogy is no path to truth – the confused analogy only makes that point and no other.

If the writer wanted to opine on the EDPA then she should have, rather than about a mixed up amalgam of colours and apartments. As far as proof goes, please where is the proof? The argument begs the question what discourse could sway the coalition on the importance of leaving behind some of the historical landscape that we inherited after our certain demise. Must we ensure that nothing beautiful is left when we are gone – as surely we will be gone.

The only upside of the continued whining of the me first generation is that there will be a rallying point for that majority that supports the EDPA to at least vote in municipal elections for what they don’t want – which in this case is the new status quo.

Robert Bridgeman