LETTER: Natural habitat disappearing

LETTER: Natural habitat disappearing

Earth Day reminds us of the critical need to cherish and protect our Earth and nature.

The Royal Oak Golf Club in Saanich has been purchased by a real estate developer who has submitted an application for removal of the property from the Agricultural Land Reserve. Originally the land was farmed, then subsequently sold for a golf course, an allowable use under the ALR.

A housing development is a very different matter.

We frequently see articles deploring the loss of green space and the subsequent disappearance of bird life. This green space in the midst of urbanization is habitat for many bird species. It is on their migration pathway and flocks of birds are seen here spring and fall. The pond is also home to frogs and turtles, both of which are seldom seen or heard as habitat disappears. It is a beautiful, safe, peaceful and walk-able place to enjoy nature.

The loud and continuing call of housing requirements excludes nature to our detriment. Once gone, our communion with nature is lost forever to the spread of urbanization. Let us not lose this green space, let us protect this small piece of our Earth.

Barbara Meek