LETTER: Trudeau on wrong end of pipeline debate

LETTER: Trudeau on wrong end of pipeline debate

Prime Minister Trudeau is a charming and engaging man but has he got a spine? Many promises have been discarded and he disappointed his voters.

The town hall meeting in Nanaimo showed how little he cares about the environment and the threat of global warming. This pipeline should never be built as the terrain is totally unsuited apart from taking more and more oil or bitumen out of the ground.

The investors should wake up to realize that they are investing in the past and not the future. In the long run it’s a losing investment as weather events become more severe and the cost for repair or prevention will skyrocket. The possibility of a spill is very real and would devastate the region for a very long time.

Mr. Trudeau is not a school teacher anymore who can tell his pupils to be quiet. It was unfortunate that the protesters in Nanaimo interrupted so much and lost the opportunity to speak in a clear and convincing voice. There is no question that he made it very clear where his loyalties lie and his proclaimed love for British Columbia is shallow at best. Mr. Trudeau has small children – is he thinking of their future?

Karin Hertel