LETTER: Voting age should be raised

LETTER: Voting age should be raised

Referring to Mr. Mathew Taylor’s response to my letter in the April 11 Saanich News.

I agree with the respondent’s suspicion that I prefer responsible voters who will vote for responsible governments of whatever stripe. Sixteen-year-old children, living under parental protection and supervision, are not responsible for their lives and are insufficiently experienced to vote in electing responsible governments.

His example of a 16-year-old driver being an acknowledgement of responsibility, is flawed. Sixteen-year-old drivers are only able to drive with parental authority and under supervision of a 25-year-old, or older, licensed driver. Is he suggesting that 16-year-olds vote, supervised by parents or 25-year-old adults?

I suggest MLA Weaver amend his motion by increasing the voting age to 21. That will not guarantee responsible governments but at least it may provide voters who have “skin in the game.”

Frank Borkenhagen