Neighbourhood speed limits must be lowered

The issue of traffic speed (and speeding) in neighbourhoods is a constant theme.

The issue of traffic speed (and speeding) in neighbourhoods is a constant theme. I know this from experience in my own neighbourhood, speaking to residents door-to-door and from contacts in other communities.

At all-candidate meetings during the last municipal election, every candidate agreed that this issue was an important one to address.

Election after election, traffic speeds have been repeatedly brought to council’s attention. But unfortunately, there seems to be significant disconnect between Saanich policies, staff and the concerns of the community.

By using 50 km/h on everything from main, four-lane roads to narrow residential streets, the district is inviting motorists to drive at speeds inappropriate for the road or the safety of the neighbourhood. There is a need to make adjustments.

Other municipalities have done it extensively, and while it cannot eliminate speeding altogether, it creates a greater awareness and a safer, more conscious driving culture.

The people who live on residential streets and in areas of concern are the ones who should decide what the speed limit should be.

If you support the idea of reducing speed on your street or in your neighbourhood and you want something to change, then the municipality needs to get the message. The best way for your voice to be heard is to join a growing number of people who want neighbourhood streets and roads to be safe for all users.

Dave Ferguson