Principles fall by wayside

Bill Bennett did not create a proud legacy for British Columbia

Tom Fletcher’s Dec. 30 column on Bill Bennett presented views of Mr. Bennett devoid of an action that clearly defined his version of principle: he used a document on northern development prepared by the NDP to criticise his opponents during the 1975 campaign. When he was challenged on its use after we learned it had been taken from a NDP staffer’s car, Bennett stated, in effect, people should learn to lock their cars. Some principles; apparently winning was the only principle in his world.

The 1983 “Restraint Program” was accompanied by a bill in the Legislature to “dismiss any civil servant without cause.” Apparently, Mr. Bennett wanted jobs for his cronies, not independent and qualified public servants. Again, principles seemed to encompass only what benefited him and party.

Not a proud legacy for our province.

M. Meagher