Province not prepared to deal with the Big One

Why is there not enough money to protect ourselves from earthquakes, yet enough money to build a dam many say is not needed

I recently listened to the interview by Radio CBC 1 with the person in charge of emergencies. It was pitiful. The interviewer could not get one clear answer out of her. One thing became clear: Our provincial government is not ready to deal with a big earthquake.

There is obviously not enough money. Yet, there is enough money to build a dam many say is not needed and will destroy valuable farmland. My hope that a government looks at the well-being of the people who elected them has been destroyed.  Meanwhile I know that I  have believed in promises  for much too long.

Christi Clark’s election ran on the platform of children and families first. As we all know, this fell pretty fast off her agenda. I can’t understand why she was elected and I hope that British Columbians will look more closely next time, as the whole country did with Mr. Harper.

Karin Hertel