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Recall leader’s wife suggests bag lunches

A friend asked my husband, Michael Hayes, why he was involved in the recall Ida Chong campaign, then declared, “Oh, I know. You’re an old-fashioned guy who can’t stand being lied to.”

True: the brazen HST flip-flop rallied many of us. Ms Chong’s silence made her complicit in this and other outrages. Lowest minimum wage in Canada for almost a decade; inexcusable highest child poverty rate for nine years, $18-million-plus attempt to make the Basi-Virk scandal go away. Under-funding hospitals, schools, vulnerable seniors, working poor and the homeless. But not camera crews for self-serving political announcements. Some messes are almost comic. Kash Heed: now you saw him, then you didn’t; then you saw him again for a day; then you didn’t; now we see him yet again.

Ms Chong remains the $6,000 woman serenely collecting every nickel of her food allowance to augment her $152,000 salary -- though living in Victoria.

Since she survived recall, she should make a bag lunch every day and donate that six grand to Our Place and desperate food banks.

Maggie Hayes

Oak Bay

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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