Ella Lane is a Grade 10 student at Claremont Secondary School.

Ella Lane is a Grade 10 student at Claremont Secondary School.

STUDENT VOICE: Humboldt tragedy hits close to home for Saanich student

After recently leaving behind my life as a competitive swimmer I have picked up running in my free time.

Trading laps in the pool for miles on the pavement, and while I was enlightened by the transition, my body was apparently not.The impact proving too much for my weak joints, that had never faced such a cruel opponent as gravity.

Soon after beginning training my progress was halted by a hip injury. Comically, I ended up back in the pool with a flotation belt strapped around my waist, churning my legs underneath the water as I learned how to aqua jog while my body healed itself. My limbs turned jello under the resistance of the water along with my mind as the dullness activity consumed me.

I checked my watch frequently, sure it had been five minutes only to find myself disgruntled as I saw not even 30 seconds had passed. I don’t think it couldn’t have been less amusing to spectate freezing water. I questioned, “Why when I am trying to do something good, do set backs continue to plague me.”

Waves of vibration migrated throughout my body as my watch buzzed signalling my 45 minute pool run was executed. Showered, and changed I headed off that morning to school only later that day to be shocked by the news of the horrendous Humboldt Broncos accident. My social media feeds were flooded with support, heartache, and tragedy. I among many other Canadians questioned, how such fateful things can happen to such great people.”

Throughout my continued aqua jogs for the rest of the week, I no longer felt pity for my aching legs, but thankful that I was still able to stand.My perspective altered from negativity to gratitude for everything I was still blessed with.

That following Thursday was Spartan Day at Claremont, but many students chose to forgo wearing our school colour, to instead sport a jersey as apart of National Jersey Day to cherish the lives of the Humboldt Broncos. I was humbled to see our school and country come together in a time of such chaos in the world, and raise over $11 million to encourage and comfort the families who have been devastated by the accident.

No one can answer why these deplorable disasters occur, and no amount of money can ever replace the lives lost, but it is the perspective we choose as a nation that will dictate how we move forward. Positivity and generosity is surging throughout Canada in light of the accident, shown by organ donor registration at an all time high, the donations to the families effected by the catastrophe, and the new found sense of community in Canada.

Acknowledging the accident, allowing it to impact us, change our actions, and better us as a nation through kindness and gratitude is the only way to truly honour the lives lost.

Ella Lane is a Grade 10 student at Claremont secondary school.