Traffic, road priorities need to shift

Letter to the editor

Re: Slow down! Community associations demanding Saanich lower speed limits on residential roads (News, July 8)

I live in the Cedar Hill/Cedar Hill Cross Road neighbourhood, and some of my neighbours and I have concerns similar to those voiced by residents on Tudor Avenue and in the Gorge-Tillicum area.

Cedar Hill Road is a winding street with extremely inadequate and a lack of sidewalks and bus stops on the front lawns of homes or in the street and there are no crosswalks whatsoever between Derby and North Dairy, and a 50 km/h speed limit. Doncaster elementary, Cedar Hill middle, and a seniors’ residence are located on this street.  Richmond Road, Cedar Hill Cross Road and Maplewood are three other connector streets in my part of Saanich that can be described similarly.

As both a motorist and a pedestrian, I suggest that those responsible for setting speed limits and making decisions about sidewalks in Saanich  walk along the streets that residents are concerned about.

For a realistic assessment, they need to walk at night, in the rain, and stand on the street waiting for a bus.

Recording the number of cars driving on a street and the speed at which they drive provides only some of the information needed to make decisions about pedestrian safety.

With world-wide concern about climate change and health issues due to obesity and inactivity, it is time to rethink prioritizing flow of motor traffic over providing safe sidewalks, bike lanes and adequate transit service.

Jean Newton