Treatment an expensive solution for non problem

Re: CRD approves tax hike for sewage treatment (News, Feb. 15).

Re: CRD approves tax hike for sewage treatment (News, Feb. 15).

The bad news flowing from the sewage treatment initiative just does not end.

Many are upset at the “functional-industrial-plant” look of the proposed sewage treatment facility at the entrance to the Victoria harbour. Such esthetic considerations pale in comparison to the waste of dollars, should this project proceed.

Last year a reasoned rational review by an UVic multi-disciplinary team, with a complementary assessment by current and former public health officials, verified there is no evidence-based scientific justification for the CRD sewage treatment plan.

The majority of our elected municipal leaders, clearly cowed by environmental activists, ignored the findings of disinterested experts and committed to a $738 million dollar project.

As reported, we now find that our sewage taxes (levels varying by municipality) start this year, increase yearly, and in 2018 reach a forever yearly high level of hundreds of dollars (plus inflation). Unfortunately, we’ll pay even more than that.

Project proponents frequently emphasize that the provincial and federal governments will pay up to $501 million of the total cost.

Sadly, this is promoted by many as justification for the project. Property owners and (municipal, provincial and federal) politicians again need a reminder that there is only one taxpayer.

Yes – that means for this expensive and unjustified sewage extravaganza, CRD taxpayers pay three times; once as a federal taxpayer, again as a provincial taxpayer, and finally (yearly) as a municipal taxpayer.

There’s still time for our local officials to stop the proposed unconscionable expenditures. Let’s limit our new spending to those social programs or business development initiatives we really need.

Ron Johnson