We’ll take bike lanes west of the Pat Bay, too, please

Re: Riding the Rainbow Connection (Saanich News, May 16)

Re: Riding the Rainbow Connection (News, May 16)

We only wish we had their troubles.

Try living west of the Pat Bay Highway where there is no safe bike routes into the downtown. None. Saanich’s Official Bike Network map says the official bicycle routes are Glanford Avenue or the highway.

Glanford: where children going to school or parks dodge trucks, while hoping not to fall off the narrow pavement into a ditch or pothole.

The Pat Bay Highway: where cars and trucks routinely pass you at bike-crushing speeds, especially as you attempt to navigate past the on- and off-ramps.

When a complaint was lodged earlier this year with the councillor who chairs Saanich’s bicycle and pedestrian mobility advisory committee, we were told that making Glanford bike friendly is always near the top of the capital projects list, but keeps getting bumped.

Do we need an accident for this to change?

Please, if the residents on the east side of the Pat Bay Highway near Rainbow Park do not want a bike trail, pick us instead.

Jean Paetkau and Michael Tymchuk