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5 ways to make your fireplace more efficient

How to cut down on fuel costs without sacrificing warmth and ambiance
A regular maintenance and inspection schedule is the cornerstone of fireplace efficiency, book your annual service appointment today!

A few savvy choices can let you enjoy your fireplace as a radiant source of warmth and comfort while also being mindful of your monthly budget and energy consumption.

“There is an art to maximizing heat output in a fireplace while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions,” says Chad Befus, owner of Pacific Fireplaces in Central Saanich. “The goal with fireplace efficiency is more savings, more warmth and a more eco-conscious heating experience.

Befus shares five tips for enjoying a sustainable, cost-effective fireplace:

  1. The ideal fireplace for your home: There’s no one “right” fireplace that works for every home. Wood-burning fireplaces have their place, especially here on the coast where we primarily deal with a ‘damp-cold,’ but gas and electric fireplaces can also be phenomenal alternatives. “It’s important to find the perfect fireplace that aligns with your lifestyle, room size and design preferences while keeping optimal efficiency and potential environmental impacts in mind,” Befus says.
  2. Maintenance matters: A regular maintenance and inspection schedule is the cornerstone of fireplace efficiency. Neglecting your fireplace can compromise not only its heat output and fuel efficiency but its safety as well. Pacific Fireplaces offers gas fireplace service and repairs and Dimplex electric fireplace repair; while they don’t offer chimney sweeping they suggest using a reputable WETT certified local company like Aero Duct Cleaning.
  3. Use a fireplace blower or fan system: Opting for a fireplace model that’s equipped with a blower or fan system enhances overall heat distribution. These ingenious components ensure warmth is evenly dispersed throughout your home and results in less overall run time to reach a target temperature.
  4. Replace drafty masonry fireplaces with an insert: Fireplace inserts are a game-changer for homeowners looking for more efficient solutions. Inserts are seamlessly installed into an existing fireplace, curtailing heat loss and amplifying the warmth that radiates into your home. With various style options and fuel types available, inserts can preserve your home’s aesthetic while greatly improving overall efficiency.
  5. Thermostats offer complete comfort control: Modern technology can play a key role in improving efficiency through the use of a thermostatic remote. Set your fireplace to your ideal temperature and skip the guesswork – the thermostatic remote will ensure your fireplace stays at just the right temperature, reducing waste and overconsumption.

“By selecting the right fireplace, prioritizing regular maintenance and exploring features like blowers and inserts, you can significantly enhance both the efficiency and ambiance of your home. Implementing these strategies not only reduces your environmental footprint but also elevates the warmth and charm of your living space,” Befus says.

Book your annual service appointment at 250-544-6789 or Learn more about Pacific Fireplaces at or visit the showroom at 2205 Keating Cross Rd. Follow them on Facebook for updates, promotions and more.

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