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Find the right wood fireplace for your home

Heat your home efficiently, while adding resale value with a wood-burning fireplace
The team at Pacific Fireplaces has the expertise to provide all aspects of sales, installation and service for heat pumps, gas, wood and electric fireplaces.

Ever wonder how long we’ve been using fireplaces to keep ourselves warm? In 2014, the earliest-known evidence of the domestication of fire was found in the Qesem Cave in Israel, proving the repeated use of an early ‘hearth style’ fireplace that was a staggering 300,000 years old!

Fast-forward to modern times and fireplaces have remained a staple in family homes around the world. The quintessential ‘ cosy winter night’ always involves curling up beside a roaring fireplace.

But modern wood fireplaces and inserts offer more than just a ‘ cosy ambiance’ – they’re also one of the best ways to heat large spaces affordably, without relying on electricity.

“Wood fireplaces are an exceptional addition to the family home and certainly worth considering when planning, renovating or purchasing a house,” says Chad Befus, owner of Pacific Fireplaces. “They offer high energy-efficiency ratings of up to 80 per cent and you just can’t beat the unique warmth of a wood-burning fire, the ambiance and Hydro savings alone are worth the investment.”

Selecting the right wood fireplace for your home

  • Built-in (zero clearance) fireplaces: These fireplaces are great because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can heat large spaces and provide that ‘traditional’ wood fireplace experience, Befus says. They’ll also increase the resale value of your home but are often quite heavy and can be difficult to add to an existing home without some hefty renovations.
  • Fireplace inserts: Wood fireplace inserts are an easy way to upgrade an outdated fireplace. Running a new vent through the existing brick chimney can create a safe, modern fireplace that’s ready to heat your home efficiently while providing a more modern look. Updating your fireplace also helps remove the drafts that often accompany older masonry chimneys, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Since most brick fireplaces lose more heat out of the chimney than what the fire puts back in, moving from a zero per cent efficient fireplace to a high efficiency insert is a huge improvement in comfort, energy savings, and cost savings.
  • Free-standing wood stoves: Efficient and convenient, wood stoves are a fantastic choice for West Coast homes. They’re easier to install in an existing home than a built-in fireplace and come in a variety of styles, finishes and heating capacities. They also offer the additional perk of heating up a kettle or pot of soup if you live somewhere prone to power outages, or a heat powered fan to help push the heat even during power outages.

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